Best Solar Backpacks Reviews

Fanspack Solar-Powered Laptop Backpack
High Efficiency Solar Panel
Large Capacity
Comfortable Carrying
Haweel Multi-Function Outdoor Backpack
Solar charger backpack (7w)
Stable & lightten load
Travel organizer
Eceen Hiking Backpack with Solar Panel
Charge a variety of devices
Multi-compartment & classified
Water repellent & multipurpose

Best solar backpacks

If there is one thing we know for sure is that technology follows us everywhere. Well, maybe not following us as much as we drag it around everywhere. You cannot even go to the bathroom without your smartphone. However, since we have become so addicted to technology, we are in constant need of power to make our devices work 24/7. Finding an outlet whenever you are not at home is crucial, but when that cannot happen, a solar backpack can intervene and save the day.

Maybe you remember the moment when we first had the possibility to charge our devices without a power outlet. It was when the powerbanks were released, and everyone regarded it as an essential time in their purse or backpack. However, they also needed charging, and it could only carry so much power. A solar backpack, on the other hand, extends the limits, which is why it is a lot better than a powerbank.

The benefits of a solar backpack

When every service provider, local cafés, and restaurant gives you the possibility to charge your device using one of their outlets, you may ask yourself why a solar backpack is even necessary. Your question is valid, but the principle does not apply in all cases. Plus, there is more to a solar backpack than meets the eye. Here is how you can benefit from such an item.

  • It is environmentally friendly – the fact that solar power is good for the environment is not new. In fact, in the last few years, the use of solar energy has increased six times, and it is all because it is good for our planet. Cutting down on electricity is one of the best things people can do because we cut down on burning fossil fuels, which is the best course of action for our atmosphere. Plus, we all know that renewable energy is the future.
  • You have the freedom to move – when I say that, I mean that you do not depend on a particular location to charge your devices. You have to admit that for the most of us, home is where our power supply is, but with a solar backpack, you have the freedom to move anywhere without fearing low battery devices. You can just plug your phone in your bag and go where you want to.
  • Portability – of course, a backpack will be portable, but the fact that your charging station is also portable makes it even better. I bet most of you like hiking or camping. Unfortunately, there are no power outlets in the trees in the forest, and the mountains are usually secluded places where you cannot bring a charger. While a powerbank can get you the power supply for one extra day, a solar backpack can give you the electricity you need for as long as you want. Sunny days are to be preferred, but as you may very well know, solar panels require light, not only direct sunlight. In my book, that is a fixed problem.
  • It is fully functional – a solar backpack is nothing but a simple bag equipped with solar technology, so you can still use it as a backpack. You can always carry all your items in it. The only difference is that you need to work your way around the solar panel. Since it is quite small, you will have no issues in using the backpack as it is intended to be used.
  • It can make you feel safe – if you like to hike or go camping, knowing that your devices and lights will always be running can provide a lot of peace of mind. People get lost every day during trips, and knowing that you have emergency tools available at all times can make your journey stress-free. You can charge your flashlight, phone, radio, GPS, or whatever else you may use in an emergency situation, and that will make you feel safe.

What to consider when looking for the best solar backpack

Buying a solar backpack should not be difficult. In fact, all you need to do is read the specifications of a particular product you may want. However, before you make a choice, make sure that you take into consideration the next following factors.

  • Weight and durability – there is no reason why a solar backpack should be heavy. The solar panel and the possible powerbank inside are not heavy, so the technology makes no difference as far as weight is concerned. Plus, you need the backpack to be lightweight to ease portability. As for durability, always look for high-wear Especially if you use the bag to go camping. Also, the solar backpack can also be water-resistant, shock-resistant, and dust-resistant.
  • Built-in powerbank – while powerbanks are not as expensive as they used to be, it is still better to look for a solar backpack with an integrated power bank. You can store the energy during the day and use it to charge your devices during the night. The lack of a powerbank means that your devices will be charged only during the day, which is not always the best idea. The only disadvantage to a built-in powerbank is that it adds some weight to your bag, but it is nothing you cannot deal with.
  • Detachable solar socket – you will notice that most backpacks have the solar panel at the back. That is good for when you are wearing the backpack. However, if you cam, you cannot let your backpack out in the sun or outside for that matter. That is why a detachable solar socket is the best way to go. That way, when you are stationary, you can place the solar panel on the roof or your tent, and protect the content of your bag at the same time.
  • Padded laptop sleeve – a lot of people carry their laptops in their backpacks, and while you can do that without a padded compartment, it is a lot safer for your device. You never know what can happen, and laptops do not come cheap. It is better to spend a few extra dollars now on a solar backpack with padded laptop sleeve than to buy a new laptop altogether,
  • Space – let’s not forget that this is a functional backpack we are talking about. It needs to be big enough to carry all your items. Of course, the size of the solar backpack you need depends on what you are planning to use it for. If you need it to carry your everyday items, you do not need much, but if you need one for camping, that is an entirely different story.

What are the best solar backpacks?

There are plenty of models you can choose from, but that does not mean they are all the best. You need to make a choice carefully, and never skip the specifications. Plus, reading some solar backpacks reviews online can also help. A lot of people bought a bag you may want, and they can tell you whether it is worth the investment or not.  Just follow the criteria mentioned above, and you should be able to make the right decision. In the meantime, check the products below. Maybe you will find something you like there.

Fanspack Solar-Powered Laptop Backpack

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Just as the title suggests, this is an ideal solar backpack for you to carry your laptop in and charge it at the same time. It is highly efficient with 5.3 watts of power. The solar panel can be removed and used alone. It absorbs the solar energy and has an efficiency of up to 24% transfer rate. You can charge your laptop, but you can use it to charge your other devices as well.

Unfortunately, this solar backpack does not come with a built-in powerbank, but you can buy one separately. Even so, you can charge your devices directly as you are taking a walk in the sunlight. If the panel does not work, the manufacturer recommends that you check the USB interface to make sure that it is plugged into the solar panel. At the same time, you need to remove the USB plug after use. It is very easy to use as long as you read the manual.

As for size, this solar backpack can accommodate a 15.6-inch laptop. You can also carry your phone, wallet, books, and other personal items. The padded adjustable shoulder straps ensure comfort, and the breathable mesh will make sure that your back will not overheat. The bag is made of high-quality oxford cloth, it is lightweight and waterproof. You can use it for whatever purpose you can think of.

Haweel Multi-Function Outdoor Backpack

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You could say that this particular product is a light version of the previous one. However, it will meet the purpose it was created for, and it will manage to charge your devices as best as possible. The 7W solar panel has a transfer rate of 22%, and it is sewn into high-wear PVC fabric. That makes it incredibly resistant against whatever weather you may be experiencing, and the protective anti-scratch hardened coating will maintain its integrity for a long time.

The backpack features adjustable shoulder straps that can make your experience more comfortable, and since they are padded, you will barely feel the weight on your shoulders. The breathable material will prevent overheating.

The Haweelsolar backpack is large enough so that you can carry everything you need to school, to the office, and you can even take it camping. The bag is made of high-quality material that is waterproof and tear-resistant. The high-density fabric will make sure of that. Even so, this is an incredibly lightweight bag, which makes it ideal for ever day use as well as whatever purpose you have for it. I am sure you are going to love it.

Eceen Hiking Backpack with Solar Panel

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Last but not least, the solar backpack from Eceen is yet another product that may interest you. It is designed to be extra durable, which makes it ideal for camping and hiking. The manufacturer used only high-quality, eco-friendly nylon and polyester. The two S-shaped padded shoulder straps make the bag very comfortable and easy to carry, and since it is lightweight, you can add as many items as you can carry. Plus, the material is water-repellent.

The 7W solar charger backpack has a 22% transfer rate. It is placed in a built-in protective anti-scratch hardened coating which will keep the solar panel safe at all times. Since it is so resistant, this product is ideal for activities such as camping, trekking, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

You can use the Eceen solar backpack to charge a vast variety of products directly through the 5V USB port. If you want, you can add a powerbank for some extra energy during the night. The multiple compartments will allow you to use the space efficiently so that you can take along everything you need. I am sure that you will find it most useful.

My recommendation

While I believe that all three products are perfectly capable of meeting your needs, my personal choice is the Eceen Hiking Backpack with Solar Panel. While I think that having a solar backpack while going to school or at the office is beneficial, I think that people need such a product more when they are camping or trekking. That is why I believe that the product manufactured by Eceen is one of the best solar backpacks you can buy.


A few years ago, a solar backpack was unimaginable. We have solar panels in farms and on our roofs, but on a bag, it seemed a little bit far-fetched. Obviously, not anymore, and people seem to like the idea. I am sure that if you want such a product, one of the models presented above will pique your interest. Click here to buy on Amazon

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